Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Article about infertility

Tonight, David pulled out the edition of the Mormon Times Newspaper we were given a subscription to. He said "Look dear, here is an article about infertility" I think we should read. We hit home with the subject, and I proceeded to read the article. It featured a cute couple who has experienced infertility. The article listed a blog address that this amazing woman started about her path of infertility, so out of curiosity, I went to the blog. I found this scripture that has captivated me. My soul feels this way.

"I waited patiently for the Lord, and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry. He brought me up also, out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock and established my goings. And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God, and many shall see it and fear, and trust in the Lord. Blessed is the man that maketh the Lord his trust."

Psalm 40:1-4.

I know no matter what happens in the future, children or not- David and I have been brought together for a reason. We are extremely blessed to have each other, as many will never have a companion in this life. No it doesn't solve our burning and sincere desire to love a child of our own, but it gives peace and comfort we need :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun new addition

David has been a life long die hard Beatles fan. I have always been a fan, but became much more of a stronger fan after we dated/married. We were recently doing a Target run, and found this baby onesie (9 months) for our future child that we adopt. We did this hoping we will get a newborn child so they can attach to us. Fun to prepare!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog Overhaul..... credit to be given to David....

We revamped the blog, yet I have a bunch of entries and photos to upload still. We hope you all enjoy it. David found a new picture of the Ocean for our backdrop, and volunteered to put it up. This picture was one David took last year on a trip to the Fort Bragg, CA area. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks to my sweetheart for his hard work assisting me with some blogger technical things I couldn't figure out. We complement each other well.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Callings

David and I were called in the second week in our new ward to see the Bishop, and had a little typical "get to know you" discussion with him. He asked us about our families and how we met. At the end of the discussion, we were asked what callings we previously had. The next week, in less than a month, we were called in and extended callings. David was first called to be Cubmaster. He is over elated, and was cubmaster years ago in his home ward. I was stunned to be called to be the Primary Chorister. I enjoy the piano, and have sang in Choirs, however this will definatel stretch me and be a learning experience

- The above picture is David going to Twilight Camp for Cub Scouts. He is over the boys 8-11 years old.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Visit from the Wadells.......

Our dear friends moved recently, this past February to where we are planning and hoping in the future to relocate- the Austin, Texas area. Tiffany, and her three children Rachel, Gabrielle (known as our "Gabby"), and Jacob (known as "Jake") came back to Cali to visit family and friends, and made time for us and came to our new place for a summer barbeque of hot dogs, burgers, and the works.

We had a blast catching up them, hearing all about their new life in Texas, and seeing the kids getting so big. Tiffany has sent me some wonderful, supportive emails and texts, excited and optimistic about our adoption, which has shown me what kind of friends we have.
David and I were mesmorized by sweet Jake, as he was litterally a few days old the last time we saw him. He is now six months.
We then enjoyed ice cream at Leatherby's, a well know family creamery here.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Papa's Day, June 20th, 2010

We had a relaxing day. Since we still aren't parents, I tried to honor David as a future father. He got a massage, and a special breakfast brunch. We joined the ward choir recently, and were kindof surprised to hear we would be singing on Father's Day. We had a nice Sunday. Normally the primary kids do something fun and sing for the dads, but we loved the experience to beable to sing with this chior for the first time. We sang a special rendition of "A poor wayfarying man of Grief." I always feel a deeper appreciation for the Prophet Joseph Smith when I sing that song. At church, the men got chocolate chip cookies.

After church, we got some naps and then headed to see Papa Hobbs. David already went over with him earlier this week to spend some time and enjoy the world cup. David had made a mini wooden soccer field for him, and he loved it. We then headed for the evening of a stake dinner and relaxing with my parents, Grandmother, my brother Ben and his daughter Rachael, and my brother Daniel and his three sons. Daniel's wife, Rebecca was working.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mama's Day, May 9th, 2010.

David's co-worker that normally works on Sundays was on vacation, so David was stuck taking the day shift on Sunday the 9th. We visited his Mom, Monica, the night before, Saturday the 8th, since we knew David would be working. I attended Sacrament meeting, where the men brought in Hot rolls and Chocolate to honor the ladies. This year, I had alot more people wishing me a "Happy Mother's Day" than any other year. After church I enjoyed a relaxing walk and nap, and when David got home, we made it, even though it was late to join my family for dinner. I am glad we were able to make it, because we were able to honor the Matriarch of my family, my 88 year old maternal Grandmother and my own mom there. I continue to appreciate them more and more- their love and devotion to our family. They have taught me so much from their love!

Trip to Vegas and Utah- April 16-20th, 2010.

David and I felt strongly Since December of 2009 to visit his paternal Grandfather, his only living Grandparent who is 94 years old and lives in St. George, Utah. He married us in the Oakland Temple, and has been a huge, postive influence on David. I used tickets that would have otherwise been used for the goal to travel to the Austin area in Texas. We originally wanted the trip to coincide with David's birthday (April 8th), so we were going to go April 8th-12th-but Grandpa Hobbs had his daughter (David's aunt) there that weekend, so we went the next available weekend, April 16th-20th. .
We flew to the closest airport to St. George on the 16th, which turned out lucky for us was Las Vegas. We rented a car, the cheapest rate for the nature of the trip. We thought we would get a clunker, but we got a p-cruiser- which we ended up adoring. We enjoyed a cheap stay at the Excaliber for one evening, with a free game, toured the famous strip, and our favorite famous mall, " the Venician" there. We enjoyed the treasure island show. We were stopped and asked to view and rate an un released television show. The viewing and survey of the show was a neat experience, however it took two hours- but we scored a free breakfast buffet and #20 for our participation. We heart Vegas!
On the 17th, we enjoyed the breakfast buffet, and then got ready for the day and checked out of the hotel. Played a free game in the basement of the Casino, and then visited the Las Vegas Temple for a session. We then headed to St. George. Ut. Our drive was short and sweet. We met that night up with Grandpa Hobbs, and ate at the Texas Roadhouse. On the 18th, we went in the morning to a buffet with Grandpa to the Golden Coral, and then went on a drive to see Hurricane- not much to see but a small, quaint town. We then visited that afternoon the St George Temple with Grandpa. That evening we spent relaxing and chating. I, Amy, appreciated the stories and wisdom he shared with us. He is a legacy for the Hobbs family, and we keep learning more about his life that makes us appreciate him more.
On the 18th, we attended Sacrament meeting with Grandpa, and then departed our drive to Salt Lake City. The drive both from Vegas to St. George, and then from St. George to SLC, reminded me how ugly the southern Utah landscape is. We do enjoy the Red rock areas, but the desert is what it is. We stopped in Lehi to visit David's Aunt Angela, and her husband Ed, and Cousin Braden. It was short, but we had a good short conversation and played a disney wii game, which I completly failed. We then drove a very short distance to Bluffdale, and visited my past Utah State roommates, Amanda and Heather- at Amanda's house. I have not seen them for about 8 years, so it was a fun reunion. That night, we were privileged to stay with a family friend of the Hobbs, the Sterzers, in Taylorsville, They were very welcoming, and very generous hosts with providing us breakfast and a bed. On the 19th, we took off early in the morning to tour the conference center, and temple square, and Behive house. That evening we met up with my sister Heidi, who recently relocated to Utah and our brother in law Ken and our nephews Hayden and Hunter at Thanksgiving point, and had dinner and strolled around. We stayed again that evening in Taylorsville with the Sterzers, and then finished our Church sites tour, at temple square, and then dropped off the car in the afternoon and flew home. The trip was so needed, a chance to both visit loved ones and to get a breather from our work and adoption drama!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, conference April 2010.

This year, our Easter was really good! We woke up to a cloudy day- which started the day not feeling that "spring feeling" of Easter. What I did love, is having conference coincide with Easter this year. We watched the morning session of conference online with a french toast breakfast that I whipped up. David did an impromptu egg hunt for me, which ended up being more clever than I thought, because he was sly the way he hid the eggs from me. We got ready for the day and then went to the Hobbs house for the afternoon session of conference. We played conference bingo, which I have never done before, and I got bingo 3 times through the whole session. Every conference, there is always a message that "screams" out to me. This conference, I felt the messages to parents hit me harder, as David and I are on a road and closer to obtaining that title and responsibility.
After the afternoon session, the Easter bunny came to David's parents backyard in the drizzling rain. Yes, we all went out with coats and egg hunted. It wasn't bad until the rain started to actually gain momentum, and by that time we were basically done witht the hunt.
David and I left the Hobbs and joined my parents in Lincoln for Easter dinner. By this time, the rain was a hard downpour, and Easter suddenly felt like Christmastime. Unfortunatly, we had a smaller group that could come for Easter this year. Ben and niece Rachael, My Uncle Tracy came since Aunt Sharon was out working her job as a flight attendant, and of course my parents and Grandma. We ended up ending the evening singing along to The Sound of Music which was on TV that evening. What a concert we made :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

APPROVAL OF ADOPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After about two years of investigating in-vetro fertlization, going through the adoption process with LDS Social Services, and working with Lilliput Services and a private adoption attorney. We got word that we were officially approved with LDS social services on Wednesday, March 24th. We actually were approved the day before- Tuesday, March 23rd, but it I found out through a routine phone call. I called the LDS social services to inquire about bringing them a document we had submitted sometime back, and the wonderful adoption secretary, Margaret informed me that David and I were approved, however our Social Worker Wayne, had straight meetings the rest of the day and didn't get to calling us.
I immediatly called David and our parents, and sent a mass text to friends. What a joyful thing to get to this point. We celebrated that evening at Mels that evening! So now we are joined with all the rest of the couples that are hoping to adopt also. hhhhmmmm- are David and I too short, too dark, too weird, too??????????? to the birthparents??? I wonder what will attract the birthparent/parents to David and I???? Both of us have had strong feelings of a boy first, but will we get a princess first?? What will our little munskin look like? So many exciting questions.